Katrina (whoever_you_are) wrote in this_or_that,

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Jellys vs. Rays

Would you rather party with a group of jelly fish or party with a bunch of sting rays?
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As much of a fan of aquatic life that I am (read: very little), I'd have to go with the sting rays. 'Cause jellyfish can be kinda mean, but stingrays are almost always cool.
I must say jelly fish b/c they look harmless...
yes, sure, they look harmless but actually the thing is that even if you graze against them, you get stung automatically; they may not be even trying to sting you.

Stingrays however, they'll only sting you (voluntarily of course) when you annoy them or step on them.

That's why I'd rather swim with stingrays