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Alright peeps, I changed the rules...

Because I'm a loser and I never remember to update this community (and because I'd hate to see a fun place like this just die), I've changed the settings.

Anyone may post!

Go to Update.
Ask a 'this or that' question.
At the bottom, choose 'Post to: This or That'

Ask anything that intrigues you. I've left the posts unmoderated because I have faith that you guys won't be TOO vile, though smelling with your crotch isn't exactly PG, haha, so I'm not really worried. I only request that we try to steer clear of questions about sex. Please.

I hope you guys take it upon yourselves to bring this place back to life. And again I apologize for being so lazy and unmotivated.

Oh, and btw, if you like Happy Bunny and haven't already done so, be sure to join its_happy_bunny, my other community (which I've already left up to the members to maintain).
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