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Question #9


Laugh when you should cry and cry when you should laugh


never be able to do either?

*An average person laughs
about 15 times a day.*
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I dont think I would be able to live without doing either, so I would have to go with the first one.
Laugh when you should cry
i am a very emotional person, and i enjoy being able to express then. this being said, i think i have to pick "Laugh when you should cry and cry when you should laugh".
laugh when you should cry, most definately
I agree with the common consensus, but being the devil's advocate of a moderator, I have to argue...
what if that meant laughing as funerals and crying whenever you watched, say, Family Guy?

The funeral thing would be seen as rude and inappropriate, and the crying thing would get annoying for both yourself and the people around you...

Would you rather people just saw you as emotionally reserved?
Hmmm... good question. This one is VERY tricky, especially after Dez's last remark.

Since I love to laugh, and *sometimes* wind up laughing when I should be crying (don't ask why- I don't even know sometimes), I guess I'd have to go with the first option. Plus, you can also laugh so hard you cry, so that might make up for the fact that you should be crying.

Deleted comment

I'd choose to never be able to do either.

I chose that becuase that would make me a perfect canidate for a Buckingham Palace guard...or maybe a stand up comedian (when everyone is laughing, I'd just have a stoic, hardened expression :D)
<-- Dan
Remember folks, that's not to scale!
the first one because i love laughing and i'd be laughing a whole lot